Published On: Sun, Nov 25th, 2012

Black and White: NYPD Sketch of BK Serial Killer is Not the Person Arrested

The recent arrest of “serial killer,” Salvatore Perrone, 64, of Staten Island, in the murders of three Brooklyn shopkeepers is a radical difference in image, than the sketch of a Black-Latino man released by NYPD. Before Perrone’s arrest, NYPD released to media the sketch of the man on the right (photo below).

This photo and commentary  was posted on Tumblr.Blackpeopleproblems. It is an observation, in this case, that is unreported in mainstream media.

The guy on the left is the person police arrested for the killing of three Brooklyn shopkeepers and the “guy” on the right is the sketch the police originally released. “Stock Negro Criminal.”

(Left Photo) Salvatore Perrone; (Right Photo)  Sketch of unknown man released by NYPD.

New York City Police Commissioner, Raymond Kelly referred to Perrone’s as a “serial killer.”

New York Times reports:

After days of searching for a man recorded on surveillance video and nicknamed John Doe Duffel Bag by the authorities, the police said they found Mr. Perrone when someone recognized him in a Bay Ridge pharmacy from images circulated in the news media. He went voluntarily with the police on Tuesday.

Racial Profiling and the New York City Police Department

The NYPD has come under fire for ‘racial profiling,’ a law enforcement practice targeting people of color for investigation and enforcement, without evidence.

In 2004, the City of New York passed a law banning racial profiling.  But in a Propublica news report, published this year, Eugene O’Donnell, a former NYPD officer and prosecutor who is now a professor of police studies at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York says, “It appears the law is not worth the paper it is written on.” (Read the Propublica report here.


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