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Sorry, we’re in maintenance mode.


Late last year, the hosting company that hosted (BBN) went down. For three-plus weeks BBN and other customers were unable to access our accounts or websites, and customer service was impossible to reach. It was a nightmare situation especially for content driven and e-commerce businesses.

By the time BBN came back on line, a customer representative explained that our back-up files were deleted from the server. In other words, all of BBN’s content and our website had been erased, unrecoverable.

As you can imagine this was devastating news.

We are now with a trusted and reputable hosting company, and attempting to reconstruct BBN to the extent possible.

All that to say, we will be in maintenance mode until we figure out this mess of a situation.

I urge those of you whose website is hosted at one of the big website hosting companies to periodically back-up your website onto your own computer, hard drive or cloud; and/or go with a smaller web host company. 


Sharon Toomer
BBN Publisher